Discover Sailing Experiences

Enjoying a Discover Sailing Experience

The Discover Sailing Experience is a great way for you to participate in a fun three hour sail at an accredited Discover Sailing Centre with a partner, group of friends, work colleagues, or family.

It’s a great opportunity to find out just how fun, safe, accessible, and affordable sailing is and enjoy the great social club environment, with some clubs even offering a BBQ, or meal as part of their Discover Sailing Experience.

Discover Sailing Experiences are available at accredited Discover Sailing Centres for a minimal fee and are delivered by qualified Yachting Australia Instructors. The emphasis is on giving you a practical hands-on experience of sailing focusing on having fun. The qualified Instructor will be out on the water with you, ensuring your safety and is ideal for people who have never been sailing before.

People of all ages, and abilities can participate in a Discover Sailing Experience. Partners, friends, work colleagues, and families can participate together (minimum age of 5 years old applies for children accompanied by a parent or guardian). You can book as a group or book a place for just yourself and join a group to meet other people new to sailing.

Discover Sailing Experiences can be done in two types of boats – dinghies or keelboats.

If you’re not sure which type of boat you would like to sail, contact your local Discover Sailing Centre to find out more.

Social club environment

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